Best Veterinarian
in Ohio and for Northern Kentucky

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March, 2019

Dr. Biehl has a cool new setup at this new office. I did electrical wiring for the place at it is fabulous. Go check it out! 

Steve the Electrician


February, 2019

I love the new office that Dr. Biehl moved into. What a pleasure it is to bring my cat there. 

Waylon B

Jan 2018

I love my new Collie! I heard from a friend that Dr. Biehl breeds purebred Collies and had to see for myself. These are the descendants from Lassie from the 2005 movie starring Peter O'Toole. Its like royalty!   I have to say, owning a collie is a pleasure. They are the most even-tempered dogs around. 

Mr. C Palmer
Sept. 2017

After shopping around, a found that Dr. Biehl has the best prices. Her right-hand gal, Jerri is so organized, and for the 2nd year in a row, keeps me coming back with my 2 cats. Thank you Jerri and Dr. Biehl for all you do! 


Jan 2016.

Dr. Biehl handled my pet with care. My dog is a member of the family and she always recognizes Dr. Biehl on her annual visit.

Mr. Nowack

Nov 2015.

I can't believe I just earned 150 Delta Sky Miles for the vet visit for my 2 dogs. I love coming to Dr. Biehl and I love earning miles even more! I registered my credit card on for free, and every time bring my 2 dogs in, Prince and Purple Rain, I earn miles. Sweet. Now all we need is the Bengals to win their division and the world will be working right.

Doug Quinn


May 2014.

I cannot recommend a better vet than Dr. Biehl. She was our vet for 8 years. When we had an emergency and needed a vet to come to our home she was the only one that would come to help us. I am eternally gratefully for her kindness and help. Without her I don't know where we would have turned to next. We continued to use her services and she was truly outstanding. The care she gave our pets was wonderful. I occasionally helped out in her office and watched the care she gave her patients. What impressed me was the love that she had for all animals that came thru her door.

After moving to Florida we really realized how lucky we were.......It was truly an eye opening experience. You better have endless amounts of money, and the only thing they care about is getting that average office call up to maxim dollar for that visit. You begin to realize that you are on the money thread mill..........And pet care is out the window........

So thank your lucky stars she is in your town. You get the best care for the dollar going......Thank you again Dr. Biehl!

Patty M.


May, 2013

I just got back from a visit with Dr. Karolyn Biehl. She is a rare find these days because she can be considered a real ‘old fashioned’ vet. It is clear that she is in this business because she truly cares and loves the animals, not because of the money she could make, but because of her passion for helping them.

Emergencies happen when we are least prepared. Dr. Biehl not only gave us the most honest, cost effective way to care for my boxer, but was not at all concerned with our inability to pay right away

Fox & Malcolm T.


July, 2013

Karolyn Biehl gets the fact that our cats ARE our children.  She understands the emotional roller-coaster that goes along with seeing a pet through an illness, and finally having to say goodbye. Thank God for her. She was a real comfort to us. I don’t know that we could have gone through this without her! 

Sean D. 


September, 2013

If you want someone you can trust, Dr. Biehl is for you.  She’s honest, caring and affordable. It doesn’t get better than her.

Ralphie T.



December, 2013

 A no-nonsense vet with empathy that you can depend on! She beats all those vet hospitals where your pet is just a number and handed off to 5 different people.

Jean G.  


December, 2013

People always complain but not too often give praise. Karolyn Biehl is so praise worthy.  She’s down-to-earth, friendly and caring all with prices that are realistic and unbeatable!

Bella M

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